Brain Pad Mouthguards

All BRAIN-PAD Designs:
1) Cover and protect all teeth
2) Cover and protect upper and lower braces
3) Position, secure and cushion the lower jaw
4) Create a safety space in the vital temporal mandibular sockets
5) Reduce impact energy entering the TMJ sockets and base of the skull
6) Offer an ample center breathing space which allows constant augmented breathing - even when clenching for balance and power!
7) Custom trims and custom molds to all teeth
8) Free Dental Warranties*
9) Include antimicrobial hard shell case
10) All Brain-Pad Mouthguards are Jaw-Joint Protectors™!

"If you're going to hit and get hit - Better wear Brain-Pad®!"

Brain Pad Mouthguards from Title Boxing

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