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Battle Ropes provide an unbelievable power, strength and endurance exercise tool that is sweeping the nation with incredible popularity. Battle Ropes provide an intense workout with a myriad of possibilities. Realize amazing muscular gain and endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and amazing fat burning properties.
  • Ideal for strength, power and endurance training
  • Increases aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • A low impact cardiovascular training tool that produces amazing results
  • Incredible full body workout, including great trunk conditioning
  • Helps develop powerful grip strength
  • The perfect workout for all combat sports - boxing, kickboxing, MMA, grappling, fighting sports and more
  • Easily adjust workout intensity for individual size, strength and ability
Professionally manufactured with a blend of polyester and polypropylene fibers twisted into an incredibly strong, yet easy to the hands rope. Unlike traditional manila ropes, the poly Dacron ropes won't shed, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Incredibly strong, with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Complete with heavy-duty vinyl handles on both ends for extra secure grip. Sold individually, except for the Partner Ropes.

Color: Black
Diameter: 1.5", 2"
Lengths: 30', 50', 100'

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TITLE Battle Rope 1.5" - 30' (15 lbs.)
TBR1 30
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TITLE Battle Rope 1.5" - 50' (25 lbs.)
TBR1 50
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TITLE Battle Rope 1.5" - 100' (55 lbs.)
TBR1 100
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TITLE Battle Ropes 2" - 30' (25 lbs.)
TBR2 30
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TITLE Battle Ropes 2" - 50' (35 lbs.)
TBR2 50
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TITLE Battle Ropes 2" - 100' (70 lbs.)
TBR2 100
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Partner Ropes (Pair) 1.5" - 20' (10 lbs. each)
TBRP1 20

Battle Ropes Information & Exercises

Battle Ropes are normally 1.5" to 2" thick and 30' to 100' in length with rubber handles at both ends. The rope is utilized by actively moving the arms and body explosively to create "Waves" and "Slams" that travel down to the rope.

Battle Rope exercises stimulate virtually every muscle in the torso and adds incredible cardiovascular benefits for every combat athlete at every skill level. Change the techniques to emphasize different muscle groups, as well as add in lower body movements like squats, jump lunges and lateral movements to create even more benefits.

Battle Ropes are ideal for building muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and fat burning qualities. In addition, using the ropes for intense timed intervals can be a low impact substitute for sprints and increasing anaerobic threshold.

Battle Rope Exercises

Battle Rope exercises and variances are almost limitless. If you can think of it, there’s a Battle Rope exercise to fill it.

The most common Battle Rope exercises include creating Waves and Slams, using total body flexion and extension to Slam the ropes down for incredible strength, power and endurance. Waves can be varied in unlimited combinations via a wide range motions and movements:
  • Up-and-Down Waves: Create Up and Down Waves to stimulate and work the entire trunk, torso and arms.
  • Alternating and Reciprocating Waves: Follow a partner with the same Waves, Slams and Movements.
  • Criss-Cross Movements: Work the ropes in a horizontal Criss-Cross fashion.
  • Grappler Toss Moves: Create both external and internal rotary movements to simulate a Grapplers Toss.
  • Squats and Lunges: Include forward, reverse, and lateral movements as well as adding in lower body plyometric movements like jumping squats, lunges and lateral hopping movements to stimulate the trunk.
  • Interval Training: Adjust the reps and durations, with mixed high intensity interval training for unbelievable conditioning benefits.
  • Train Solo and with a Partner: Have a training partner shout out commands and movements to keep the exercise unpredictable and varied.
  • Change Grips: Incorporate front hand, back hand grips for variable challenges. Also grip so the end of the rope is facing up to create a unique and added challenge.
  • Vary Training Position: Alternate from Standing, Sitting, Kneeling and Lying Face Down to adjust muscle movements and target areas.
  • Rows and Pulls: Train climbing the ropes up and down to maximize strength and improve grip. Rowing movements and exercises are incredible training exercises.
  • Sleds and Tires: Use the longer ropes to pull and drag power sleds, tires, weights and more.
  • Tug-Of-War: Partner and group Tug-Of-War creates awesome full body resistance training for two, four, six, eight and more participants.

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