TITLE Glove Dryer Rings

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Your boxing gloves get damp inside while training, and itís extremely difficult to get enough air inside them between workouts to dry efficiently. Enter the Glove Dryer Rings, the durable plastic rings that expand inside gloves to increase needed airflow.

Here's how they work: Roll the Glove Dryer Ring inside of itself by guiding the pointed end through to top of the hole, like you would a belt. Squeeze the Ring together until it is small enough to insert into the inside cuff of the glove. Release the Ring, which will expand inside of cuff, keeping the bottom of the glove open and increasing airflow. Allowing gloves to dry between uses helps prevent mold, mildew, unwanted odors and increases the life and longevity of the inside lining and leather. Sold in pairs.


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TITLE Glove Dryer Rings

TITLE Glove Dryer Rings from Title Boxing

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