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TITLE Professional Leather Medicine Balls

TITLE Professional Leather Medicine Balls - click to enlarge
  • Genuine, extra durable, all-leather construction for professional training.
  • Triple nylon stitched and reinforced seams are built for intense workouts.
  • Professionally packed and balance weighted to build explosive power, strength and endurance.
  • Sizes and weights to accommodate every athlete and skill level.

What is a Medicine Ball?

Medicine Balls are weighted balls that come in a variety of sizes and weights. There are balls that bounce (gel or water filled) and balls that don't bounce, called dead balls (often sand filled). They range from the size of a baseball to larger than a basketball. The surface can be smooth or textured.

Balls have been used for training since the time of the ancient Greeks and the first Olympics: the concept is not new! They are versatile conditioning tools and can be used in many different situations, from rehabilitation to performance enhancement. Some advantages Medicine Balls have over dumbbells include an ability to be easily gripped in one hand. Plus they can be thrown, caught and bounced off a rebounder, the floor or a wall.

Why train with a Medicine Ball?

1. Great for explosive training or endurance training
2. Allows you to perform exercises in more than one plane of motion, unlike most machines
3. Medicine Ball exercises allow you to closely simulate the patterns and speed of movement that occur in sports and different work environments
4. Medicine Ball exercises also develop the central nervous system. They improve stabilizer and neutralizer strength by increasing demand on a neuromuscular level
5. There is a high functional carry-over into athletic performance and every day life

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Click to enlargeTITLE Professional Leather Medicine Ball - 12 lbs.TMBL 12Yes$49.99
Click to enlargeTITLE Professional Leather Medicine Ball - 16 lbs.TMBL 16Yes$59.99
Click to enlargeTITLE Professional Leather Medicine Ball - 20 lbs.TMBL 20Yes$69.99

TITLE Professional Leather Medicine Balls from Title Boxing

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